Siller & Co.


We are passionate about design. We add value by balancing design aspirations and the project commercial goals. As such we create assets for our clients 

German engineering to local requirements


Change Management Consultant



Project Management & Strategy



Operation Management


  • Auditing design and project management organization and working procedure.
  • Organizational Design.
  • Process optimization and implementation.
  • Project execution plan & strategy
  • Coordination with internal and external shareholders
  • Budget strategy, setup & monitoring
  • Project staffing and work allocation 
  • Designing and controlling the procedure of production and supply chain efficiency
  • Ensuring that business operation is effective in terms of customer requirements
  • Emphasizing the strategic thinking to ensure the organization stays ahead of the competition 


Design & Engineering



Energy Consultant



Teaching & Coaching


  • System design of curtain wall system in aluminum, steel, timber and composite material
  • Building physics to thermal & condensation
  • System design validation in 3D
  • Visual mockup planning and coordination with shareholders
  • Preliminary & conceptual design
  • Design assist and surface rationalization
  • 3D Building Information Model
  • Bill of materials
  • 2D fabrication documents
  • 3D fabrication model
  • Labels for packing and transport
  • CAD / CAM / PMI communication
  • Production facility layout planning
  • Preliminary building energy consumption analysis
  • Provide the concept to lower the energy footprint and executing detailed energy consumption analysis.
  • Investigate leading technologies for building system connectivity and integration
  • Implementing design ability
  • Supporting and coaching leadership in design management
  • Building and coaching design leadership and competence
  • Design culture to create awareness and recognition of design
  • Building design strategy
  • Design ability to future market trends
  • Lead and drive process optimization to lower operation cost
  • Improve profitability and performance
  • Implementation communication roles and sharing platform
  • Auditing product and development process
  • R&D market implementation and market research
  • Regional alignment to design standards and system alignment